Big Soccer News: The MLS Anti-Awards

Yeah, Still Rooting for US

Pithy. Erudite. Loney.
Spain and England
Revisit MLS Cup 2011
Before the Calm
From now on, I will refer to Jameson’s whiskey as “Riot Squad potato salad.”

Hollywood Also Loves a Sequel
LA has the Cup along with their rainfall for the entire year, Cohiba Don got an early Christmas present and Sir David has every media outlet on the globe talking about what his future plans are.
Time to Get Schooled

Roger Allaway delivers a weekly dose of American soccer history.

Catching Minnows

Playing countries that are known more as beach resorts than as soccer powers isn’t always as relaxing as it sounds.

Sepp, Jack, & Bags o' Bills

No one is digging deeper into scandal than Bill Archer.

BigSoccer Has No Awards

The MLS Anti-Awards

Oh, One More Thing

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Paul Calixte

David Bolt
John Jagou


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